Baha'i Mom Blogroll Details

Here is the detailed list of Baha'i mom blogs, the shortlist of which you can find on the sidebar.  You may notice the list includes some sites that are not presently updated.  However, these are still valuable resources which contain useful information in the archives.

It should be noted that all of the blogs included on this website are personal initiatives and do not represent the entire Baha'i community nor are they official sources of information on the Baha'i Faith.  The official worldwide Baha'i website is

Allison Reads Children's Books (children's books review)
Allison (California, USA)
January 2012 to current

All Done Monkey (personal, parenting, raising global citizens, spiritual education, natural parenting)
Leanna (California, USA)
March 2012 to current

At Home with Momma Skyla (family life, education, homeschooling)
Skyla (Utah, USA)
2008 to June 2014

Brilliant Stars (resources of children class lessons, sharing of what we do and sharing spiritual/positive/attachment parenting ideas)
Shirin (Malaysia)
2009 to 2010

The Controlled Kaleidoscope (Enjoying life and making positive difference; life as a wife, mother, employee, and college student with ADHD) 
Laili B. (MS, USA)
March 2014 to current

Creative Endeavors / Leona's Art and Music (To share my children's books, art, and music and my love of children and spirituality)
Leona (Maine, USA)
April 2013 to current

Creative World of Varya (formerly Little Artists) (children, art, education, creativity, family life)
Varya (Russia-China)
May 2010 to current

Eco-momming It (gentle parenting, green parenting, raising healthy children with foods/recipes)
Maggie (North Carolina, USA)
November 2009 to June 2014

Enable Me to Grow (supporting Baha'i mothers and young children)
Chelsea and Penina (New Zealand/Australia)
Feb 2012 to current

Fast Fun Fit (reflections on Fitness and Wellness in Mind, Body, and Soul along with a sprinkling of ideas/inspirations for parenting, children's classes, devotionals, and junior youth groups)
Dominique (Minnesota, USA)
Jan 2011 to current

Gems of Oneness (journal of life experiences, spiritual gleanings, stories of souls, Baha'i pioneering, issues facing humanity)
Pamela (Ghana)
May 2007 to current

GoodToBeMom (personal insights, lessons, ideas and thoughts about motherhood)
Irina (Netherlands)
October 2014 to current

Klara's Adventures (personal, travel, language, culture, education, parenting)
Klara (Canada / China)
August 2010 to current

Little Denton Family (family life)
Joy (Washington, USA)
March 2011 to 2013

Motherhood and More  (motherhood, homeschooling, spirituality, chocolate, and pretty much anything else that crosses my mind)
Annie (Illinois, USA, though about to embark on a round-the-country nomadic adventure starting in April 2013)
September 2009 to current

peanut-butter & jelly (Our experiences as a family with two kiddos international pioneering in the Dominican Republic)
Rebecca (Dominican Republic)
July 2011 to current

Raising Children (sharing vision, experiences, questions as a mother and as a child-coach)
Chantal (Netherlands)

The Saberas (family life, mindful parenting)
Laurel (Maine, USA)
April 2009 to current

Serenity Mummy (parenting, spiritual education, days out)
Helena (Devon, UK)
2012 to current 

Soulful Mamahood (information and resources for moms who want to be better moms and educate their children in all areas of life, including of course their spiritual development)
Nayyan (California, USA)
July 2012 to 2013

The Superettes (daily recipes, life tidbits, design and product ideas, inspiration, art, and other goodies)
Bre and Jaleh (Massachusetts, USA)
Fall 2012 to current

Tender Sapling (fun, inspired, eco-friendly clothing, products, & ideas to help kids Grow Noble - cultivate virtues, world citizenship, & environmental sustainability)
Emily (USA)
2012 to current

A toddler, his mum, and their recipes (a blog to share our cooking experiences at home)
Faizi and Azarnoush (Australia)
Fall 2012 to current

Veritable Treasure (establishing intentional family culture and recording memorabilia)
Chelsea (New Zealand/Australia)
Nov 2009 to current

Zerbert (family life, vegetarian and vegan recipes, education)
Honey (Malaysia)
May 2008 to current

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