Other Baha'i Mom Websites

Here is the list of Other Baha'i mom websites.

It should be noted that all the websites included are personal initiatives and do not represent the entire Baha'i community nor are they official sources of information on the Baha'i Faith. The official worldwide Baha'i website is www.bahai.org

http://www.andsoyouwereborn.com/ An interfaith children's book - in both interactive book app form and in print - to encourage children to recognize the love they were born with and are surrounded by and their purpose in spreading that love to all.
Mona, Twin Peacocks Publishing (California, USA)
2011 - Present

http://leonaartsandmusic.blogspot.com/ Children's book writer/illustrator, silhouette and caricature artist, and songwriter of children's music, as well as singable Bahai quotes set to music.  Wrote and illustrated a picture book (Kamal's Day) and short story (Babysitter Blues), to be published soon.
Leona (Maine, USA)
2013 to current

www.elikamahony.com Connecting with our higher self through music & the arts. Website includes sharing of: music, composition, prayer covers, prayer beads, specialty cards, photography & art. Thoughts on marriage, parenting, service, inspiration, creativity & quotations.
Elika (China)
2007 to current

http://honeysquilling.wordpress.com/  Unique and colorful handmade jewelry, accessories, and PDF tutorials featuring the art of paper quilling. Includes nine pointed star designs. The blog features paper quilling tips, inspiration, and free tutorials. Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HoneysHive

Honey (Malaysia)
2010 to current

www.lauraharley.com A life coach and mom blogs about compassion, healing, confidence, living a meaningful life, and parenting.
Laura (Minnesota, USA)
2009 to current

http://www.mumnbabies.com.au/ Early childhood education and learning support center. Online store offers and promotes design educational toys and other products use by mums and young children. Yumei (China/Australia)
July 2012 to Current

www.95gems.com Baha'i jewelry website - rings and pendants. All our items are made of sterling silver but can be gold plated for a small fee.
Azarnoush (Australia)
2010 to current

http://www.tendersapling.com/ Fun, inspired, eco-friendly clothing, products, & ideas to help kids Grow Noble - cultivate virtues, world citizenship, & environmental sustainability. Shop. Blog. Have fun!
Emily (USA)
2012 to current

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