We are Baha’i moms from all over the world – bloggers and website owners.  If you are a Baha’i mom and would like your site added to one of our lists, please contact us using the following method and, after approval, your information will be added.

Please note: Your blog/website does not have to be about the Baha’i Faith or even reference the Baha’i Faith anywhere.  However, it should promote the Baha’i standards in some way.

Choose which list – “Baha’i Mom Blogroll” or “Other Baha’i Mom Websites”
Baha’i mom blogs listed on our Blogroll (located on the homepage and on the Baha’i Mom Blogroll Details page) are those which add our button to their site and therefore identify their blog as a “Baha’i Mom Blog.”  If you are a Baha’i mom but do not wish to add the “Baha’i Mom Blog” button to your site, you can be added to our “Other Baha’i Mom Websites” list.

To add your blog/website
Send an email with the following information to [email protected]

  • Blog address
  • Purpose of your blog in a few keywords
  • Your name (country you live in, and the state, if in the US)
  • Date your blog was started and date it has been updated until
  • If you have your own button, please let us know so we can add it to our homepage.

Even if you are not currently updating your blog or website, other moms would still like to browse your archives for valuable insight and ideas, so please send us your information!

Where your site will show up
If your blog is approved and you add our button to your site, your blog’s name will show up on our Blogroll list on the homepage column, and your blog’s details will show up on Baha’i Mom Blogroll Details.  If your website is approved (and you wish not to add our button to your site) your details will be added to the Other Baha’i Mom Websites page.

To add our button to your blog
Copy the code on the right column under the button titled “Grab Our Button” and paste it into a into a html gadget/widget.  The button should link back to this website.  For more details check out this post.  And if you need help, contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and adding your site to our lists!