Effective Ways to Clean Your Baby’s Nose

As the new born baby’s have a narrow nasal passage which will lead them to stuffy breathing at times. So it is necessary to check whether our little one has a clean nasal passage which will help them to breathe well, acquire adequate nutrition, to have a restful and peaceful sleep and making them to be comfortable. Also the number of infections they get during their childhood will be reduced if they have a clean nasal passage. It is the toughest and a challenging task to clean a baby’s nostril as it is so small and finding the best baby nasal aspirator.

Different ways to clean the baby’s nose:

The natural way of cleaning the baby’s nasal passage is by making him or her to sneeze. This helps the baby to expel the blockage and removes the excess mucus which is build up in the nose. If it is still uncomfortable for the baby to breathe, then the nasal wash is the better option. The use of medications like decongestants is strictly to be avoided for the babies because they dry up the mucous and the passage system which will make the baby tough to have a sleep. The best baby nasal aspirators are listed below:

  • Saline nasal spray
  • Baby nasal cleaners

Effective Ways to Clean Your Baby’s Nose

Saline nasal spray – Using a saline nasal spray is the best and the safe option for the infants, babies and for the toddlers. Using this nasal spray is simple because you just need to lay the baby down and squeeze two or three drops of this saline nasal spray into both the nostril. It will clear the blocked nose by relieving the congestion.

Baby nasal cleaners – This will be like the rubber bulb syringe or the nasal aspirator which can efficiently that removes the mucus from the baby’s nose. This relieves the baby from the blocked nose by clearing the mucus but for the babies less than six month, use milder solutions. For the babies above six months you can use hypertonic solution which is stronger.

How to clean baby nose using a nasal aspirator?

The nasal aspirator comprises of a nozzle, a lengthy piece of soft tubing and a mouth piece. These three parts are connected with the tube which is located in the middle. The process of usage is most similar to the bulb syringe, except the mouth piece which is used for the suction. Some people think that the nasal aspirator is less invasive, more efficient and is easier to use when compared to the bulb syringe.

The ways to clean the baby nose using the nasal aspirator:

  • Add the saline drops into the baby’s nose and see whether it clears the congestion.
  • If you still find the stuffy nose, place the nozzle tip into the baby’s nostril and then the mouth piece in your mouth.
  • Then by applying the gentle suction with the name of the mouth piece, suck the mucus from the baby’s nose into the nozzle.
  • A filter which is in the tube ensures that you do not inhale the germs from the tube.

Effective Ways to Clean Your Baby’s Nose

Precautions and tips to use a rubber bulb syringe or the nasal aspirator:

  • The process should be so gentle and the aggressive suctioning may inflame or it also causes bleeding in the nasal tissues which makes the congestion worse.
  • You should avoid suctioning the baby nose which is more than twice or thrice each day means damaging or irritating the lining present.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning the process and if you cannot wash, you can use the alcohol based hand sanitizer to clean it.
  • You should squeeze more than two drops because the baby nose will be so sensitive.
  • Even if the baby sneezes some of the solution, it will make the way to the nostril.
  • You should not use the saline drops for more than four continuous days to avoid drying of the nose.
  • Buy the nasal aspirator which made for babies as they will be small and specially designed for the baby’s tiny nostrils.
  • You should use the baby aspirators as per the directions given in the instructions. Test the suction by placing the aspirator against you finger tip and see how it works. If it is soft, you can use for the baby else avoid it and prefer some other aspirators.
  • After aspirating, remove the nozzle in the download direction and should not remove in the upward direction because the drop may enter into the baby’s eye which causes eye infection.
  • Clean all the parts of the syringe and the devices well with the warm water. After cleaning make it dry by suspending the syringe in a glass with keeping the tip down.

Some of the best baby nasal aspirator is listed below:

  • Nasobuddy baby nasal aspirators.
  • Pigeon nose cleaner blister pack.
  • Chicco nasal aspirator.

Clean the baby’s nose during the bath time by gently wiping around the nostrils with the cotton balls. You should not leave any hard substance into the baby’s nose as it is so sensitive and it will damage the lining in the nose.

At the first time, it is best to consult the aspirator with your doctor because it varies between the brands being used. This should be done if the baby has any difficulties in the breathing or if it has noisy breathing due to the excess mucus. The dry air will make the nostril passage dry for the baby which causes the breathe trouble. By doing this, it will help the baby to breathe well and can sleep peacefully. You can also use a cold air humidifier in the room which offers relief and also prevent the stuffiness. Consult your doctor before starting to use the nasal aspirator. Your medicines you should keep in safe place to assure that child, pets, and other individuals cannot use it.