Featured Blog: At Home with Momma Skyla

Featured Blog At Home with Momma SkylaThis month we are featuring the wonderful parenting blog At Home with Momma Skyla.  Skyla describes herself as “a wife, homeschooling mom of 3, a Baha’i, and a writer living in a neighborhood in Utah that is populated by real, actual cowboys. WILD!” Featured Blog At Home with Momma SkylaOn her homepage, Skyla invites readers to “grab a cup of cocoa and stay for a while,” and that is just how I always feel, as if I were sitting around her kitchen table, listening to stories of her family’s adventures and looking at her children’s latest school projects.

In the blogosphere, Skyla is perhaps best known as a homeschooling mom extraordinaire.  Her eclectic approach is based in a desire to have her three children grow up to be “kind, loving, and compassionate people who seek out healthy relationships with family, friends, and God.”   She focuses on a giving them a “broad base of knowledge from which to draw and an understanding of how it all fits together.” She also works to instills in them an ability to express themselves creatively and nurtures their natural joy and curiosity in the world. Featured Blog At Home with Momma SkylaIt is so easy to become burned out and worn out from the rigors and stresses of homeschooling, that many have sought out Skyla as a mentor and inspiration to keep going on this worthwhile path.  As a result, Skyla has put together her experiences into a new book, Home Field Advantage, which will be available soon!  It is a guide to homeschooling meant for those already involved in homeschooling as well as those who are curious about how it is done.  Watch this page for news on the book’s availability!

Skyla also has a cooking blog, Skyla’s Kitchen, and can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.  So grab a mug of cocoa and stay for a while – I know I will!