Featured Blog: Little Artists

This month we feature Little Artists, a blog about the creative development of children.  Its author, Varya, was inspired by her extensive experience as an educator and her more recent role as a mother

Varya is a mother of 2 beautiful girls.  She is also an ESL teacher, a Montessori educator, perinatal fitness instructor, dance teacher, and early education expert.  She trained with Baby’s First Massage and Oh Baby! Fitness.  She enjoys music and singing and was raised on Classical music and fairy tales.
Featured Blog Little ArtistsThe driving force behind her work as a blogger and teacher is a “strong desire for the younger generation to keep developing their talents and abilities not only through the means of technical progress (TV, computers and so on) but through the traditional art and crafts.”  She works with parents and children aged birth to 3 years old (and beyond). Varya believes that every child has a talent and gifted with creativity and it is up to us – parents and educators – to single out those talents and nourish them. Featured Blog Little ArtistsVarya loves cooking, composing music, singing and dancing. One of the many things I enjoy about this blog is that she includes such a variety of topics.  At times she writes about cooking, at times about crafts and activities, and at times she gives us a glimpse into everyday life in China, such as this guest post on Mama Smiles, giving a child-friendly introduction to the City of Zhuhai.

Varya also embodies the Baha’i teaching that the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. Born in Russia, she now lives in China with her daughters and husband, whose family is originally from Iran. Featured Blog Little Artists