Featured Website: Elika Mahoney

This month we feature Elika Mahony.  Elika’s website is dedicated to her music and her passions. Elika is a musician, pianist, artist, a photographer, a mom of two and a wonderful person who has lived large portion of her life in Africa, briefly in Israel and Hong Kong and now resides China.

Elika’s love for music and composing started from the age of 5 when she first studied the piano. She takes her inspiration from the Bahá’í Writings and from her family. She puts the Bahá’í Writings to music and records her own original songs and instrumentals. Her music is suitable for any age group.Elika’s recent CD “Glimmerings” is in the List of 10 Best New Age Albums of 2012.
Elika also paints and she makes lovely handmade cards and prayer book covers. Her artwork reflects her beautiful soul.
Elika blogs about her creations, her love for photography and about her life. She enjoys spending time with her 2 children – Taraz and Amelia – who have grown to inherit Elika’s love for music and compose and perform together with her as well.
Elika is very passionate about everything in her life, whether it is her music, the Bahá’í Faith, her family, cooking, art or her friends. Knowing Elika in person I must say I am honoured to have such an amazing friend in my life!
Coming from a Persian background and growing and living in many different countries has made Elika a true world citizen. Her family has been serving in China for over a decade and continues to serve and be a wonderful example to the people around them.