Featured Website: Enable Me To Grow

Since its inception one year ago this month, the website Enable Me To Grow has become the go-to resource for Baha’i mothers of young children the world over.  Created by two mothers seeking to nurture their own children, it has filled a void by providing materials for the spiritual education of children four and under.

The Radiant Hearts program in particular has attracted attention as one of the few systematic resources for educating young children spiritually.  This online multimedia program offers a new lesson every Baha’i month based on a virtue such as patience or friendliness.  (There is even a bonus lesson for Ayyam-i-Ha!)  Through carefully crafted activities and songs, children and their families learn a prayer and quotations about a spiritual quality and gain experience putting it into practice.  Best of all, since the program is geared towards young children, each activity lasts only 5 to 10 minutes and can be done with simple materials found in most homes.
But Enable Me To Grow is not just about how to nurture your little ones, as valuable as that is.  It is also an aid in one’s own spiritual growth, something that busy mothers often neglect in their attention to their children.  EMTG seeks to mend this by providing materials for both reflection and practical application.  For example, listed among the “Mama Treats” on the Free Resources page are a reflection journal as well as a fun game for a group.

And now, Enable Me To Grow has launched a new endeavor, Soulrise Melodies.  This musical duo is made up of Chelsea, one of the co-founders of Enable Me To Grow, and her husband Zafar.  Participants in the Radiant Hearts program will already be familiar with the couple’s musical talents, as the songs they composed were part of each month’s lesson.

Now these songs, originally posted in rough format, are available as a beautiful professional recording, “At First Light,” now on CD Baby.  These lovely tunes were intentionally designed to be short and easy to learn, so that families of young children could learn and sing them together.

Chelsea and Zafar created this album based on their own experiences as parents of two young boys.  They witnessed the effect that regular musical devotions had on their family and wanted to share this experience with others.  “At First Light, Volume 1” (featuring 20 quotations of Baha’u’llah) is the result of this desire, and they are now back in the studio to record Volume 2 which features 20 Baha’i prayers!