Featured Website: Honey’s Hive

Featured Website Honey's HiveThis month we featured an artist who is also a businesswoman and blogger.  Honey’s work is based on the art of paper quilling, which she uses to produce unique jewelry and accessories.

I have to admit I was not very familiar with paper quilling before coming across Honey’s blog, but it is so beautiful!  The work she displays in her Etsy shop is intricate and colorful, and her designs range from the purely aesthetic to the whimsical.  (My current favorite is a pair of “elephant” earrings!)  And of course, you can also find the ever popular nine-pointed stars in a number of variations. Featured Website Honey's HiveHoney’s jewelry and accessories are also eco-friendly, varnished with non-toxic sealants to make them water resistant.

I am always impressed by Honey’s artistry, but also by her generosity.  If you would like to try your hand at paper quilling, you can purchase PDF tutorials from Honey’s etsy shop, plus read her blog for tips, inspiration, and free tutorials.

And if you have an idea but would rather let Honey bring it to life for you, she is always willing to do custom orders! Featured Website Honey's HiveIf you’d like to get to know the woman beyond the art, Honey also has a personal blog (Zerbert) that chronicles her family’s adventures.  I love reading her blog because it is fun to follow along as her two beautiful daughters develop and grow.  Honey also posts great recipes and tips for vegetarian and vegan cooking, mmm!